Creating Beautiful Bridal Makeup

The designer bridal shows are always beautiful and show the most elegant of what is going to be in fashion over the next few seasons. While clicking through the dresses for Spring 2019 on, I was totally in love with what I was seeing. The styles were so different in looks, but one consistent thought went through my mind and that is what I was seeing could be worn by so many different women and look chic yet romantic and soft.

I was already putting together makeup looks for the dresses in my head and starting to sketch them out on face charts. Makeup that can be feminine and pretty and include more color than I have seen over the past few years. Berry stained lips and rosy cheeks with a soft gleaming eye being great for the bride who wants her dress to be simple and classy while a smoky eye with a softer lip will make any bride who has more pattern and design to her dress feel like the exquisite details will be accented in any picture. 

The best part of any bridal look which is where I get to play a part is getting to create a look that is unique to every bride that I work with. Much like the details of the dresses I was in awe over, every bride that I see has something unique about her that she often doesn't see that helps me accentuate her face so when all eyes are on her, she feels like no one will ever have the day that she is relishing.

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