Why Exfoliate??

With Summer ending, you may have noticed dull skin buildup on your face from that extra sunscreen or time you have spent on the beach and your moisturizer and makeup may not be wearing as well. Using an exfoliator one to two times a week in the shower will help keep your skin glowing all week and keep that dead skin from clogging your pores. Many clients ask me if exfoliating is to harsh on the skin because many products that are chemical exfoliators are on the market and remove dull skin while still feeling silky. While chemical exfoliators are great for the surface of the face, your physical exfoliators will actually get into the pores and remove deeply embedded dirt that will prevent blackheads from forming. 

My favorite tip on how to exfoliate your skin is to do it in the shower after you wash your face with your cleanser. Often cleansers and exfoliators are thought to be the same product. Your cleanser actually removes surface dirt and debris so your exfoliator can get into your pores leaving your face soft and better able to hold serums and moisturizers so you use less product and your face feels glowy and not greasy. After you cleanse your face, the steam from the shower will have opened your pores and your exfoliator will be easier to use because you can rinse your face with the water without having to use a wash cloth which can often irritate the skin because of the fibers. When using your product, be sure to hold fine lines tautly apart so you can exfoliate between lines which will get dull skin out and make wrinkles softer and less defined. Enjoy your fresh glow!